Heinz V. Pundleider

Heinz V. Pundleider ( 1925-....) Peintre né à Salzbourg, Autriche, immigré au Canada en 1951 avec sa famille. Ingénieur de profession, ses temps libres se passaient devant son chevalet, parcourant le Québec, mais surtout l'Ontario, s'étant établit à Ottawa. Sa production est restreinte et ceux qui possède une oeuvre de cet artiste sont fier de leur acquisition.

Born in 1925, Salzburg, Austria, he started painting as a boy. His father was an employee of the post and telegraph department of the Austrian government and in his spare time made fine wood carvings. During W.W. II Heinz served as a lieutenant in the 34th Ski Battalion of the 18th (Austrian) Infantry Division where as a ski instructor he trained mountain troops (1943-45). He attended the Engineering School at Salzburg and graduated as an electrical engineer. He also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg. He came to Canada with his family in 1951 and worked with the American Can Company at Niagara Falls. In his free time he studied oil painting techniques and colour coordination. He moved to Ottawa in 1960 where he established his own electronics repair shop then joined the firm Computing Devices of Canada Limited where he became director of the Engineering Services Division. During his leisure hours he carried his sketch pad with him to make sketches of scenes that interested him. Known for his landscapes and floral paintings he held his first solo show at the art gallery in the St. Laurent Shopping Centre, Ottawa in 1969. Viewing his work in 1974 Max Palmer writing in The Clarion noted, "I have never seen so many, or so good painting scenes from around the Ottawa valley, local scenes and scenes from the east coast of Canada. Scenes that have been captured on canvas that will never be able to be seen in reality again, a picture of the old Beaver Creek before its beauty was ruined by the building of Arlington Woods or of the old farm houses and barns now gone to make room for the new and modern buildings of Craig Henry Farms. Heinz has captured these and many more of the local landscapes in his painting, the old mill at Manotick makes you feel that you are standing on the bridge and looking up river at this old landscape. Someday this too will be gone, but not in the painting that Heinz has painted." Pundleider uses both brush and palette knife when creating his scenes. His other solo shows include: Koyman Gallery, Lincoln Fields Shopping Centre, Ottawa, Ont. (May 1973, May 1974, Nov. 1974); Koyman Gallery, Bayshore Shopping Centre, Ottawa, Ont. (Apr. 1975, Nov. 1975, Apr. 1976); Julianne Galleries, Tor., Ont. (1976); The Palette Art Gallery, Oshawa, Ont. (1976); Group Show, Janrielle Gallery Niagara Falls, Ont. (1980). He has a large farm between North Gower and Smith's Falls and has had a keen interest in horses. He is represented in collections in Europe, the U.S.A., South America and in Canada by Governor-General and Mrs. Edward Schreyer and many others. He was awarded a prize at the CKOC Arts Competition in Hamilton and his winning picture "A Ray of Sunshine" was purchased for the Station's permanent collection. He married Herma Danes and they have one daughter Karin (Mrs. Joseph Streit). Pundleider has a working knowledge of French, Italian and Russian besides German and English. Member: Can. Soc. of Mechanical Engineers; Inst. of Electronic Engineers and The Engineering Inst. of Canada.


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Document from artist
Conversation with artist

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VENDU - SOLD -Ramassage de l'eau d'érable à masson-the sappies running water in Masson
Medium : Huile sur toile - Oil on canvas
Prix : $ 2,200.
Ramassage de l'eau d'érable à masson-the sappies running water in Masson
Medium : Huile sur toile - Oil on canvas
61 x 106 cm. - 24 x40 in.
Prix : $ 2,200.
VENDU - Ramassage de l'eau d'érable à masson- SOLD - The sappies running water in Masson
Medium : Huile sur toile - Oil on canvas
61 x 106 cm. - 24 x40 in.

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