Gabriel Filion

Né à Montréal, son intéret pour l'art se renforcit après une visite à une exposition de Alfred Pellan en 1941. Il étudie à l'école du meuble sous Paul Émile Borduas, et commence à peindre de façon professionelle, travaillant avec le groupe du Sagitair,e qui ont eu un coup de coeur sur son oeuvre, l'invitant à se joindre 

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Born in Montreal he became interested in painting following a visit to an exhibition of work by Alfred Pellan at the MMFA (1941). He then studied at the Ecole du Meuble under Paul-Emile Borduas. He exhibited with the group Sagitaire and afterwards focused fully on his painting. He was strongly influenced by the work of Borduas. He sought a more open group than Borduas' Automatistes and participated in the Prisme d'yeux and signed the group's manifesto which declared painting "free from all contingencies of time and place or from restrictive ideologies, conceived apart from any literary, political, philosophical or other interference which might adulterate its expression and compromise its purity." Viewing his work in 1962, Montreal critic Dorothy Pfeiffer noted, ". . . Filion's painting is refined, not in the sense of effete, but in the manner in which natural ore is refined. His art may be economical in projection, but it also conceals a lode of rich mate­rial to be discovered for oneself. Filion's non-figurative expression may be severe, yet it also is individual and honest." His study in Paris was aided by a Canada Council grant in 1962. His solo shows include: Coq d'Or, Mtl. (1942); Les Compagnons de St-Laurent, Mtl. (1947); Librairie Tranquille, Mtl. (1949); Atelier de l'Artiste, St-Laurent (1956); Salle Delrue, Mtl. (1962); Maison Viau et Morisset, St-Laurent (1963); Galerie Soixante, Mtl. (1965), others. He exhibited with the post-automatistes (1954). Resides in Montreal.


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VENDU - SOLD - Le chagrin d'Arlequin - Arlequin sorrow
Année : 1942
Medium : Mine de plomb papier -pencil charcoal paper
28 x 38 cm. - 11 x 15 in.
Prix : $ 350.
VENDU - SOLD - Le chagrin d'Arlequin - Arlequin sorrow
Année : 42
Medium : Mine de plomb papier -pencil charcoal paper
Prix : $ 350.
VENDU - SOLD - Le chagrin d'Arlequin - Arlequin sorrow
Année : 42
Signature - Le chagrin d'Arlequin - Arlequin sorrow

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